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Safety Box With Fire Resistant IPSB
Price RM4,269.00 - RM5,599.00 RM5,999.00 - RM7,329.00 *Price shown excludes GST 0%
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Safety Box
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    Commando 1   Commando 2   Commando 3
External (mm)   470W x 470D x 800H   550W x 550D x 1000H   600W x 600D x 1300H
Internal (mm)   400W x 325D x 710H   480W x 400D x 920H   525W x 450D x 1210H
Net Weight (kgs)   120   210   280


Key Features:

FM Material: A newly developed burglar-and-fire-resistant agglomerate of high density and strength, against to the blowtorch as well as providing effective resistance to hand and mechanical tools.

Body: of monolithic construction, the overall solid thickness is 32mm.

Door: The protective thickness is 46mm, reinforced with steel protection.

Additional protection against point-attack is given to vital parts of the boltwork by means of drill- resisting deflectors.

The standard locking with keylock and digital lock.

75 minutes Fire Tested under JIS S 1037: 1989 : Fire Resistive Containers.

Inside with lockable door compartment and adjustable shelf.