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VF Rectangular Folding Table
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A rectangular folding table designed with melamine laminated chipboard and steel. Lightweight and portable. Can be used as a banquet table.


It sets a tone of smart, clean and modern looks
Easy cleaning with clean cloth
This unit has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for safety
It`s recommended for Hotel, Meeting Room, College, Institutes or office use
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  15. IPVF-625N : 1800W x 750D x 760H (mm).​
  16. IPVF-630N : 1800W x 900D x 760H (mm).
  • Top : Melamine Laminated Chipboard in 16mm Thickness.
  • Top Color : Light Grey Surface With Dark Grey 2mm ABS Edging.
  • Leg : 25mm x 25mm Mild Steel Square Tube With Folding Mechanisme And Adjustable Stud.
  • Leg Color : Black Epoxy Coated.